Several data utilities are provided.  It is good practice to backup before performing any data utility.





Upgrade is a routine operation performed after you have installed a new version of the program.  It makes any changes that may be necessary in the data base structures because of changes in the program.


Pack Data removes the space taken by deleted records from your files.  It is good practice to Pack periodically.


Reindex repairs the index files for your data.


Clear Prpro empties the files that stores images of your prayer cards, etc, and your picture file.  It does not empty the underlying data so it is possible to remake the cards if you know what verse was used.  If you print pictures on your cards, the image file can become big quickly and that can cause problems.  This utility will first ask you if you want to clear out data files.  Yes will clear the files that store the previews.  A second question will ask if you also want to clear the picture file.  Yes will erase all of the pictures from your old cases.  You should click No on this second question if you are not experiencing trouble on the Picture Tab.  If you aren't experiencing problems, it is probably sufficient to choose to Pack the Data rather than Clear these files.


The other utilities would normally only be used if directed to do so by an ACS support technician.