Clicking on Open from the Find a Funeral Window will open the highlighted Funeral.  So before you click on open you will want to highlight the correct Funeral.  Initially your Funerals will be listed in alphabetical order beginning with the A's.  However, you may change the list to be ordered by Funeral Numbers or Dates of Death, by names other than the Deceased's, or by at-need or preneed Contract Numbers.  Simply use the radio buttons in the upper left hand corner of the window to select the order you prefer.


At first, your list will be short and you will find it easy to simply scroll to the Funeral of your choice.  When your list gets longer though, you'll want to be able to jump into the middle.  Simply begin typing where it says Enter a Name or Part of a Name and the list will scroll to display cases matching what you have typed.  While the Field says Name, it is really a general purpose locator.  So if you've chose to sort your list by Funeral Numbers, you'll want to type a number or the beginning of a number rather than a name.  Similarly if your list is sorted by date, you'll type a date.


Once the Funeral you want appears in the list, click on it to highlight it and then click on Open.  You may also simply double-click the highlighted entry.