For security reasons, the first two steps in setting up a system of permissions require a call to ACS Support.  We will change your registration code to enable the security system feature and give you a password which will allow you to create the first users. Once security has been enabled, a Log On screen will appear whenever you start the program.




A drop down list will allow you to select the User from the names you have defined. You will not be able to enter the program until you have correctly entered the password for that User.


Users are created and their powers are defined by selecting Permissions from the Utilities Menu. The first time you attempt to access Permissions no users will have yet been defined so Support will give you a special password good for that day only which will allow entry.




You should first create a Master User with access to the entire program.  Enter a name and password for this User, click on the Check All Button to give this User all the possible permissions, and click on Save. The Master User can be given any name you wish. You could call it Administrator, but you do not have to do so. You may use your own name.


Blank passwords will not be saved. The program will not limit your choice of a password, but you should be aware that the most secure passwords are a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Using your birthday, your phone number, your child's name, your pet's name, your favorite football team, or any other password that people who know you are likely to guess, is not secure. A trick some people use to create a password that is both secure and easy to remember is to replace some of the letters in a word with numbers.  For example, you might spell dog with a zero instead on an o.  Of course, your actual password should be more complex.


Next enter a name and password for another user, click on the Clear All Button to uncheck the permissions, check on only the permissions you wish this user to have, and then click on Save. Do not check the Security box for any User other than the Master User. Any user who has Security checked can access the Permission screen and give themselves additional access.


The bold faced boxes with the module names, LedgerPro, AR Pro, etc., control access to the entire module. If a user does not have one of these boxes checked, he will not be able to access that module at all.  For example, if you wanted a particular user not to be able to access AR Pro, you would not check that box. If you want the user to be able to access the module but to limit the things he can do within the module, you would check the bold faced box for that module but leave some or all of the boxes underneath the bold faced box unchecked. For example, you might choose to check the AR Pro box for a certain user but not check the Reports box underneath the AR Pro box which would allow the particular user to use the module but would block their access to AR Reports.


If a User attempts to access a part of the program to which he does not have access, the Log On screen will reappear. The Master User could then grant one time access by entering the Master User name and password. If you forget your Master password, ACS Support can give you special password good for that day only which will allow you to create a new password; however, for obvious reasons, we will only give these passwords to the owner of the firm.