People are entered into the Relatives list from this window.




When you click on New, a empty person record will be added to the top of the list and the Address Book will appear so that you can locate the name.  Fill in the fields of the empty record as appropriate.  The name field is a Person Field; however, if you want to find a person from the list but change the way the name appears for this case, you may do so.   For example, you might want to find John Smith in the Address Book but change the name in your Relatives list to read Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.


You may also simply type in an entry without using your Address Book at all.  For example, you might want to type in "3 Grandchildren" or "Several Nieces and Nephews" and you wouldn't want these phrases stored in the Address Book.  To do this, either click on New to add a Relative and use Cancel to close the Address Book, or click on w/o Addr Book to add a record without bringing up the Book at all.  The name of the spouse, mother, and father must be entered into the Address Book for use on government forms. 


The relationship and city field are List Fields, and the remaining fields are Check Boxes.


Relatives are printed in the order they appear on this list which would initially be the order in which you chose to enter the names.  However, the order may be changed.  To move an entry, click on it and then click on the Red Up Arrow Symbol to move the name higher in the list or the Red Down Arrow Symbol to move it lower.


The Informant Button provides a quick way to copy the information for one of the family members to the Informant.  Simply highlight the person who is to serve as the Informant and click on the button to copy the information to the First Call Tab.  You may also do a similar operation in the other direction by first entering the Informant on the First Call Tab and then clicking a red arrow there to copy the information to the Family list.