From Association Computer Services, Inc., comes The Professional Programs, the complete solution for funeral homes of all sizes.  Whether you handle 25 calls a year or 25 hundred, The Professional Programs reduce your paperwork, simplify your bookkeeping, and let you concentrate on delivering professional quality service.


As an introduction to our programs, we have provided tutorials which walk you through Printing Your First Prayer Card, Printing Your First Government Form, and Entering Your Prices.


The Professional Programs consist of modules that may be purchased separately.  A single main menu leads to all of the modules.


Arranger Professional consists of three modules which may be purchased separately or together. 


LedgerPRO is the electronic funeral ledger.  It prepares all of the government forms including death certificates, burial permits, Veterans Administration claims and Social Security statements.  Standard obituaries, clergy cards, and funeral ledgers as well as basic non-financial reports are also included. 


A/R PRO is the accounts receivable module.    It prepares at-need contracts, memoranda, and statements as well as financial reports. 


P/N PRO is the preneed module.  It prepares preneed contracts, and records and reports trust and insurance funding.


PrintPRO prepares memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, and register books.   PrintPRO looks and works like LedgerPRO up until the point of printing when a different set of selections is presented.


The Main Menu also includes buttons across the bottom for Utilities, Registration, Introduction, and Close.  Utilities are maintenance routines.  When you purchase a module you will register it.  Unregistered modules are available to you in demonstration mode so you may determine if you wish to purchase them.  Clicking on Introduction brings up this page.  Close exits the program.


ArrangerPro and PrintPro maintain one common set of data.  If you own more than one module, you can enter the data in any module and, where appropriate, it will be there when you look up the same funeral in the other module.  Of course, there are some differences between the data entry windows.  For example, LedgerPro has medical information for the death certificates that is unnecessary in PrintPro.  Speaking of unnecessary information, we can not repeat too often that software is a tool to prepare your paperwork and maintain your history; if the windows collect information that is unnecessary for your purposes, don't enter it.


ACS has long been a leader in funeral home software solutions.  We began working with funeral directors in 1984 and incorporated ACS in 1986.  For years we have been dealing with real people who use our products every day.  We are proud to introduce the latest generation of our products.