Tips on Using the Demo

Here are some tips to help you get started using our software.

The program uses Address Books to store names. Fields that use Address Books have three dots to their right. However, the first time you come to a place that would normally display a list, the program recognizes that the list is empty and takes you right to the underlying window where you would enter a name. So when you first go into any module, you will be taken to a screen to enter the name of the deceased. Enter the last, first and middle name or initial and such other information as will be needed for the job at hand. You will probably want to enter the birth and death dates but you may be able to skip the other fields at least for now. When you save that information, you will be taken to a screen to enter your funeral home name.

There is a trick for the phone number. If you are putting in a local number, just type the seven numbers. If you are putting in an area code, start with a ( and then type the ten numbers. In either case, the program will put in the spaces and dashes for you after you tell it whether or not there will be an area code by typing or not typing the initial (. Do not worry about a registration number. We'll give you that after you decide to buy the program. When the information is complete, click OK to put the location on the list of locations. If you have more than one location, you could hit New again to add the second one. When your locations are entered, click on the one you want for this call and then click OK.

After you save and select your Funeral Home, you will be on a form with the name, location, and a blank for the case number. You can skip the number, type it in, or click the box to tell the computer to provide a number. Click OK on this form to enter the case.

The next time you enter a module, the find a funeral screen will be displayed so you can decide whether to Open the first case or to create a New Funeral. The find a funeral screen contains a box at the top that says, "Enter name or part of a name," but this is not how you start a new call. This box is for jumping down in the list of funerals to say the Smiths. To create a case, click on New Funeral.

When you click on New Funeral you will see a second list. You have not gone in a circle. This will become the list of all the people you have in your Address Book. When you enter your second case, it will show the names from the first case and you will hit New to enter a name that is not already on the list. This may seem like an extra step on the first day, but it allows you to enter a person once and only once and have the information available for all your cases.

After you enter and select the deceased, the funeral home locations list will appear. If the location for this call is already on the list, highlight it and click OK. If not, hit new and fill in the name and address for this location.

If you went through the PrintPro door, you can create a prayer card by clicking on a verse. To create a memorial folder, you would click on a verse on the left side and then click on ReMake on the right side to retrieve the data. You'll probably want to enter more data for the right side and then click ReMake again.

If you went through the LedgerPro door, you will want to Install forms on the Printing/Forms tab. Once forms are installed they will be available in all of your cases. Click Install, find a form in the list and open it. Close the form with the Close button above the form and then hit Install again to get the next form. There are two ways to get data on a form. You can use the various tabs to enter information independent of the form, or you can click the red boxes on the forms to enter just the data needed for that form. Whichever way you use, the data will be available for all forms and for PrintPro too.

If you went through the AR Pro or PN Pro doors, you'll probably want to go back out to the list of cases and use the Standard Services button to get your prices in before you enter them one by one in a case. Information on entering your prices and the other things mentioned here may be found in the Tutorials accessed through the Information button at the bottom of the very first screen.

You can switch between the various sections of the program by using the Module Menu in the upper left hand corner of the window. This avoids going all the way back to the beginning of the program to come through a different door.

We hope this got you started but we would be happy to walk you through this on the phone. For more help downloading, installing, or using the demo, call our support department at (888) 227-9911. If you call after hours, leave a message with your name, address, and phone number, and we will call you back. The voicemail system emails us a copy of your message so that we can call you outside of business hours, and if you need emergency help the voicemail greeting includes our cell phone numbers. Feel free to call our cell phones during waking hours, Eastern Time.

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